Pt100 datasheet

PT-1platinum resistance thermometers. PRTs) are an excellent choice for use as cryogenic temperature sensing and control elements in the range from K. RTD: resistance temperature device.

Linear resistance change with temperature. Positive temperature coefficient. TF1temperature sensors use. TJ = Transition junction to lead wires. OTP = Standard Three-Prong Connector. Stripped lead connection style can be supplied. High accuracy platinum resistance thermometer probe, 6mm diameter x 250mm. Resistance data sheet : Resistance values for the thermistors from -50°C to 600°C in 1°C. Platinum resistance temperature sensors. A "lookup table". PT1Resistance Table.

IEC classmax. Sheath lengths of. Thermocouples Type. Measuring element. Datasheet ( data sheet ) search for. Typical Application Circuits continued at end of data sheet. Labfacility code Stock code. Specifications toggle. Technical Information Data Bulletin. Simple and rugged design has proved itself in many solar power plant applications. Sensing element is encased in a robust heat. A platinum resistor is built into the temperature sensor. Changes in temperature are reflected by.

Table 2: Rosemount 214C RTD Ordering Information. For use from –50o. Sensor is a complete unit consisting of a platinum RT stainless steel well and NEMA. Accessories (See data sheet ).

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