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A signal or function generator is a versatile frequency source able to output a signal in a number of output waveshapes and at an adjustable amplitude and. The FG-30series function generator utilize advance Direct Digital Synthesis ( DDS ) technology to create highly accurate and stable output signals including sine. In stock DDS Function Generators – ISC4ESAINDIA isc4esaindia.

Name: DDS Function Generator, SFG-1000; Analog Channel: 1; Frequency Range: 0. Hz~3MHz; Frequency Resolution: 0. Hz; Display: digits LED; Model. SFG-10Series, an economic function generator with high accuracy and high stability output, is designed based on the DDS (Direct Digital Synthesized). Hz to 10MHz frequency range; digits or 1mHz resolution; 1ppm stability and 10ppm one year accuracy; Low distortion, high spectral purity sine waves.

Hz, with a further increase in the frequency of the output. Test Equipment › Sweep Generatorsmegadepot. MHz Low Cost DDS Function Generator.

The DFG 20series LOW COST function generators with maximum frequency of 5MHz, 10MHz and 20MHz were. Extensive modulation capabilities make this a highly versatile signal source. Key features:High stability MHz DDS function generator.

Arbitrary capability.

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