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Electra Product Catalogue. We have back-up solutions for all kinds of. It is an ideal choice for areas with low input voltage and power cut duration from 8-hours. The unit contains more than one live circuit (mains and batteries ). PRODUCT CATALOGUE.

Luminous Sine Wave Cruze 2KVA – 10KVA Commercial UPS.

Solar Panel &amp. For upgrading existing power back up system. No manual operation. Feb HIGH PERFORMANCE SOLAR BATTERIES. LUMINOUS SOLAR BATTERIES. Nov Product Catalogue. Inverter Batteriesdir. Dimension: Various. Download product manual to know product in details, its warranty terms, understand how to install and.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION. Regulated UPS Mode. Jis Pe Desh Kare Bharosa. Built with superior plate grid design and high electrolyte volume, Livguard inverter batteries deliver enhanced performance, every single time.

Charging current selection. DC-AC POWER INVERTER. W Modified Sine Wave. W True Sine Wave. Reliable and with after-sales support. The quest of being better and rising above the ordinary is what drives Livfast. Exide manufactures tubular inverter batteries that deliver maximum performance even in extreme temperatures. These batteries are ideal for prolonged power. This inverter supports a wide range of batteries.

It has an inbuilt intelligent battery management system, thanks to the 32-bit DSP processor. General Specification ITEM STANDARD VALUE UNIT Number of dots. All Rights Reserved. Technical Specification may change without prior notice.

Quasi Sine Wave: In basic it is square wave inverter, but at low load conditions the.

Bypass switch for manual Operation. Every Exide inverter. Amaze India offers long lasting tubular inverter battery and aims to provide high performance and high quality power back up products to its customers. A Richtone Technology Limited Product brochure.

An inverter requires a. Sukam is fully automate needing no manual intervention. MtekPower tubular inverter batteries come in different capacities ranging from 135AH to 200AH. These inverter batteries not only last long but are highly powerful. The electrical energy in form of DC power is used to charge the batteries through a charge controller and also used to cater load through inverter.

If the inverter obtain the IP address from the home router(pictured at right), it means connected successfully. Now that connectivity is establisheyou can.

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