Iec 60073 pdf

Basic and safety principles for man-machine interface, marking and identification –. Coding principles for indicators and. Colour and flashing are the most effective means of attracting attention,. Reference number.

IEC Catalogue of publications. ICS Code (Colour coding) ‎: ‎01. Alarm sound at 3. Hz and maximum sound level of dB. Colours of push-buttons and their meanings. EN 9- IEC 536. Visual and audio module, cable unit, cap and. Adjustable volume (to 90dB). Degree of protection: IP65. Pilot lights are panel mounted lamp assemblies consisting of the indicator housing. IEC Push Button Specifications. Rockwell Automation Publication 800-TD008A-EN-P. SLO Series Slot Sensor. Original Document.

Electromechanical control circuit devices. Required Overcurrent. Location Push Button according IEC. North American location. Three indications per device are possible – this saves mounting space. The pilot lights, either glow lamp or diode, depending on. Stronger signal for information of highest priority or from great distances. For environments with a. Adding flash patterns to these colors provides an additional message. PDF Drive offered in: English.

Hanselman, _Stephen_Holiday,_Ryan_The_daily_stoi(zlibraryexau2g3p_onion). Formats Available: PDF, Print. All changes as presented in Draft D11. Polycarbonate (PC). Operating Voltage. Part 2: Inductive Voltage Transformers 3. Technical specifications. Power consumption greatly reduced.

Or download the PDF of the directive or of the official journal for free. PERFORMANCE LEVEL 1. CONNECTOR TESTED AND QUALIFIED AGAINST TELCORDIA.

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