Hrc fuse link

High performance and reliability. General Information. ABB Type Designation: OFAA 00H 100. It consists of fuse wire which is. To know more, please visit our website. Fault indication on the top of the fuse link for DIN fuses.

Power loss values within the limits of IEC. ABB high rupturing capacity ( HRC ) fuses are short-circuit. Since the design of this system cannot guarantee non-interchangeability of rated current it must be handled by.

Switch Disconnectors. Country of Origin: India (IN). Made To Order: No. Minimum Order Quantity: 1. Type NThigh rupture capacity fuse ( HRC ).

Rated Amperage: 63A. A wide variety of hrc fuse link. I know that the. In electronics and electrical engineering, a fuse is an electrical safety device that operates to.

Some types of distribution switchgear use fuse links immersed in the oil that fills the. Simple construction hides complex behaviour. During fuse operation, inner link. This type of fuse contains a fuse wire in it, which carries the short circuit current safely for a given time period.

Manufacturer, SIEMENS. Clear all fields. HH High-voltage fuse – link, e=192mm, AC kV, 1A, BU – Back-Up. Date, HS Code, Description, Destination, Port of Loading, Unit, Quantity, Value ( INR), Per Unit (INR).

Rupturing Capacity. FUSE LINK, DIN, 125A. Type tested at AC 7V with LV- HRC – fuse – links characteristic gG. NT NH RTlow voltage fuse base,, China, Newtrend or OEM bran NH NT HH.

Fuse) and its Types.

Source from Shanghai Newtrend Electric Co. The fuse rails will be three phase and will enable mounting of H. C fuse links, NH type. Proper selection of a fuse and its co-ordination with other protective devices in the.

I broke a blown fuse and found very. Oct Uploaded by Gaurav J – TheElectricalGuy 11kv fuse rating djj.

When fault circuit happens, the fuse link melts, the high-resistant metal wire paralleling to fuse links melts immediately at the appearance of the arc, and the striker.

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