Electronic timer plug instructions

DIGITAL PROGRAMMABLE. Resitive and Inductive 5Watts. The – day digital timer is your solution to automated indoor and outdoor lighting.

Battery Backup: NiMH 1. Your digital timer is an accurate, electronic. Disclaimer Statement.

Timersprimewirecable. The instructions that come with it, though, are limited and incomplete. Notable features: The timer plugs into a three-prong grounded outlet and it has a single three. Defiant through the purchase of this digital timer.

Visit us online to. However, there is. Self recharging battery stores programs. To read PDF files, you need.

Installation Instructions. It can give out a random timing output when required. There are also many combinations, such as hourly, daily, weekly, group of the week, for the timer on and off.

Press the MODE button repeatedly to set the timer to Automatic. NOTE: For the time switch to run programmed events, it must be set to “. Always ensure the plug. To actuate the battery (one AA battery is provided with the timer ), pull the tab sticking out of the battery.

Because input voltage is model-dependent, please verify the model purchased. Retain for future use. TIMER OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS. Program number for preset time. While holding the. CLOCK button down, push the. WEEK button, until you reach the day. Wiring instruction and consumer operating instructions for the Cat 646EDigital timer. Plug the timer into an outlet, then plug your device into the timer.

Warning – while setting events the timer may prematurely turn on the load if you press the MODE. Rating: – ‎review – ‎$12.

Push the “ day ” button once and you should have all cursors at the top of the. Compact programmable plug-in timer. Manual override facility. The hour digital timer with minute intervals will display the current time when operating.

Then you can move to the next step. Set the Digital Clock. When in the Clock Mode,LCD shows day, hour and minute. The built-in programmable digital timer is flexible and easy to setup.

Before using your timer, please read the following instructions carefully. Read online or download in PDF without registration. This timer has been. The red LED will illuminate when the device is on, either in program mode or manual override.

Setting the time: The correct time and day of.

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