Butterfly wrench

Our Survival Tool is the same size as a credit card so it can be stored in your wallet for easy access! Comes with instructions. Buy 11-Tools-in-Stainless Steel Credit Card -Sized Survival Tool.

Credit card size and less than two ounces, this essential tool kit deserves a place in your car, backpack and even your home. Keep the Survival Card with you.

Credit card size survival tool includes can opener, standard edge knife edge, flathead screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, 4-position wrench, butterfly screw wrench.

All the tools you need in one. Get yours today and. Pocket-sized survivalWith functioning tools made of durable stainless steel all- in-one and smaller than a standard credit card, this Survival Tool is ready to get. This credit card size.

Some of the main tools that are included with a credit card survival tool are screwdrivers in a variety of sizes and rulers. They may also letter openers or bottle. Incredibly fast turnaround time. Low quantity starting point for any budget.

With so much functionality in one credit card -sized tool, it can be used anywhere, any day.

Features of this. A variety of tools ready when you are plus a 36" length of lightweight cording. Military grade gear that easily stores in wallets, pockets, purses and more. Great to have in a pinch, our multifunctional survival tool is smaller than a standard credit card.

Made of stainless steel, it features functional tools, ranging. Including the pvc pocket with instruction. You lay it flat on a table, fill the hole with water, then. Your multi- tool helps you to prepare for any situation, from mechanical mishaps, to outback survival, to just having a drink with your mates on the weekend.

Here we provide some ready-made wallet and credit – card sized kits, as well as a. Also includes two white cards with survival tips, signaling tips, instructions on. To some, the idea of a multi- tool or knife that is shaped like a credit card.

Unlike other multi-tools. Card Cutlery Carry Cutlery in your Wallet – Everyday Carry Gear Survival Car. Multitool Card Survival Pocket Tool EDC Multi Purpose Credit Card.

Credit Card Survival Tactical Multitools from Hardened Stainless Steel and Titanium. Credit card sized survival multi tool with functions. Manual Direction Finder.

Item functions as: can opener, knife.

WARNING: Cancer and. Instruction card included. Precision crafted of solid stainless steel. One year limited warranty.

Punch-out tools, sturdy 3Stainless Steel, and no bigger than the size of a credit card. Fits right in your wallet! Jul Our Thoughts on Seven Credit – Card -Shaped Multitools You Can Carry.

Jun A survival multi tool is a jack of all trades gadget that is a mini-version of the basic tools in a. The Holtzman Paracord Grenade comes with a free credit card – shaped blade.

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