Blower motor resistor cost

Find our best fitting blower motor resistors for your vehicle and enjoy free next day. Get an estimate instantly. May How much is a blower motor resistor ? For sweeter deals, shop at CarParts.

OE replacement blower motor resistors cost as low as $ while higher-end products cost up to $320. UgZ6vsK-hIE The motor that runs the fan in the heating and air conditioning system in a car in Fredericksburg is called a blower.

Buy products related to fan blower resistor products and see what customers. Elec plug also from Amazon cost about $the dealer wanted. If you are a DIYer, you can save about % of the mark-up cost when ordering online compared to having. The blower motor has two main functions- to blow hot air out the vents and to.

Apr How much does it cost to replace a bad blower motor resistor ? A blower motor resistor is not one of the more expensive parts to replace on a car. What is the typical cost to replace a heater blower motor ? A good indication that you need a blower resistor is if your blower is only working on.

The change in resistance then limits the current through the motor, which dictates the speed at which the blower fan works.

OEM Behr blower resistor to remedy your blower motor troubles. Blower resistors, being a mechanical. Your Price : $114. Comparing the expensive labor cost in the store, you can save your money by order a KIA genuine OEM blower motor resistor here with a discounted price and.

Retail Price : $161. Replacing a blower motor costs $4on average with a typical range of $2to $800. With a warranty, you. It is therefore important to ensure you are replacing the.

I only works on high speed when the blower resistor circuit is bad. How to test a blower resistor? To replace these cylinder heads, it is the same price it will cost me to have a used. I tried the blower, the relay and blower motor resistor nothing worked?

It would be nice if when you remove the old resistor module that. My only complaint is that while cheap, these basic resistors probably cost them a few bucks to make, so the mark up is huge. Repair cost level 1. The resistor block for my Mazda cost $80. Installing the blower motor resistor on your own will eliminate the cost of labor and you will also get a cheaper price on the part itself.

Dealer sets actual price.

Factory resistor cost me $with free shipping from FCP. List Price : $143. WChina Auto Parts Supplier, if you need other auto parts, Pls. Resistor worked as expected at a great price.

AliExpress will never be beaten on choice, quality and price. Haynes manuals are less costly and are geared more towards a DIYer. He told me this sounds like a prob with the blower motor resistor, and they have.

The dealership sells this for the rip off price of $200. Price was right and well worth the purchase to solve an annoying issue. FREE Delivery on your first order.

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