Autowatch 280rl wiring diagram pdf

Use any PFK movement sensor shown on the diagram. Nov autowatch 280rl alarms wiring diagrams wiring diagram please. Unless the single. Autowatch 2RL is similar.

Connect the wires marked "Ground" to an independent earth point. Mount the control module vertically with the wires exiting from the bottom to prevent damage resulting from water leaking into the vehicle and into the unit.

AUTOWATCH 2RL REMOTE ALARM WIRING DIAGRAM. The doors unlock. If selective unlock is configure then only. Perimeter, bump and ultrasonic detection. On-board central locking. Secure your car by installing auto security alarm.

View and Download AutoWatch 4wiring diagram online. Original tape with CD shuttle and amp inputs, wiring harness plugs available. HUTIIllIHTBH File link: autowatch. See installation instruction. Alarm Wiring Diagram : autowatch alarm 280rl alarm and siren only 280rl ~ A.

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